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One of the best movie lines I’ve heard was from the movie The Social Network. The soon to be ex-girlfriend commented that when you write something on the Internet, you’re writing in pen, not pencil. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used those words when nagging my teenage kids about their Facebook posts. There is a lot of material out there to gather if you want to find out about a person’s life outside of work, or before they get a job offer.

A book called Auditing Social Media by Peter Scott and Mike Jacka crossed my desk the other day, thanks to my membership in The IIA’s Audit Executive Network. For many of us, our companies are active in social media. Many use social media monitoring tools to gather posts about their companies — feeding this information to the communications team, marketing, and customer service to identify trends that might need to be addressed. Of course in the world of social media, no rules apply and no filter is attached. It’s raw, unedited thought — typos and all. And it can never go away. Remember — pen, not pencil.

Social media policies are common practice today. We have one, and I’m guessing most of your organizations have them too. Basically, they caution you to be careful, not say things that you’ll be sorry for later, and remind you about confidentiality of company information. Good advice. So, who is monitoring the policy for compliance?

Have you launched an audit yet? Is there enough risk in this area to bother putting social media on the audit plan? Perhaps next year? When you do — this book has an audit program in the back that might be helpful to you and your team.

Happy auditing!

Posted on May 17, 2011 by Kiko Harvey

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  1. Very pertinent post Kiko as this is an emerging area of risk and debate.  I also read the book and found that the audit chapter offered a very well laid out plan, while still being flexible.  A great read for anyone that is interested in this high profile area, which is still in its infancy.

  1. Thanks Kiko and Aaron for your insights and comments. It is a topic that is clearly becoming a hot topic. If a full audit is not a part of your near term plan, having someone review your social media policy and make sure everyone has training will help mitigate risk for now.

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